CivilPsych Employee Assistance Plans (EAP)


Put a CivilPsych Services EAP Plan to work for your company today.

CivilPsych is a web-based service center providing 24/7 mental health counseling, spiritual counseling, chaplain services, legal services, Employee Assistance Programs (EAP), crisis intervention services and training, pre-employment psychological evaluations, fitness-for-duty evaluations, management referral evaluations, law enforcement skills coaching/training, Psychological First Aid (PFA), Critical Incident Stress Debriefing (CISD), live hostage negotiation consultation and debriefing, live psychological coaching/consulting support during crisis negotiation scenarios, and legal services for the law enforcement, corrections, and emergency services community. 

Best-Fit Technology: Pre-employment Evaluations for Managerial Candidates

Our pre-employment evaluation programs have been designed to enable you to hire and maintain the highest quality employees that will be the best fit for your organization. These screening programs utilize carefully selected combinations of statistically verifiable and legally defensible assessment instruments. By evaluating a combination of specific factors including personality traits, motivational influences, performance under pressure, emotional intelligence, among others, we are able to predict which candidate is the “Best Fit” for your organization.

Pre-employment Evaluations for non-managerial candidates

Maintaining a stable and high quality workforce is critical in today’s competitive economy. Employee theft, frequent absenteeism, disruptive employee relationships or workplace violence can disrupt the workplace immeasurably. CPS has the capacity to evaluate important behavioral characteristics such as honesty, reliability, customer service potential, work performance attitudes and violence potential among employee candidates or current employees.


The EAP is available to assist your supervisors whenever there is a performance problem.  The fact is that most of us become supervisors either through promotion or attrition.  Very few of us have either the training or a mentoring relationship to become an effective supervisor. 

The CPS's EAP provides supervisor training – The Performance Management Discussion. This training provides an overview of the roles and responsibilities of supervision, how to communicate effectively to enhance your supervises’ performance, how to identify and respond to a “troubled” employee, and how to engage in the discussion of work performance with your employees.

Additionally our EAP staff are available to consult with any supervisor regarding concerns regarding an employee’s work performance or behavior.  Any supervisor is able to contact the EAP account manager at anytime to discuss concerns regarding the work performance of one of their employees, how to institute a supervisory referral, confidentiality, etc.   This service is available 24/7.


Any business or organization today needs to be prepared for the unexpected.  Whenever a tragedy occurs, i.e. a sudden and unexpected employee death, a horrific car or industrial accident, a robbery, etc. these events can be extremely upsetting to employees.  Critical incidents in the workplace require an immediate response for a trained mental health professional.  CPS has the ability to respond immediately when contacted to provide CISD services.  

Given our experience in working with sworn personnel, we understand how important it is to respond immediately when a critical incident has occurred.  One of the benefits in working with CPS, is our ability to rely upon our own clinical staff to respond to critical incidents.